2009 Mini Coupe Concept

2009 Mini Coupe Concept

We already know the MINI Coupe Concept will be coming to the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show as a potential production vehicle if the reception proves favorable enough, but this is the first video offering us a look into the car's design and features, inside and out. Guiding the tour is the head of MINI's design team.

As expected, styling inside the MINI Coupe Concept is pure MINI, right down to the giant, centrally-mounted speedometer and tachometer gauges. The bright spot in many an enthusiast's eye is no doubt the proud-standing manual shifter, a must-have feature to wring the most out of the peppy little turbocharged 1.6-liter engine.

Another benefit of the video is to give us a range of angles and shots of the roof, which has so far proven highly controversial, based on reader response.

Though it continues to look somewhat awkward from some angles, the combination of rear spoiler and curved window surround do look more natural in a pure profile shot, and from behind and below as well, hinting that the shape may simply be one that is more easily appreciated in person than in photographs.

Perhaps the coolest tidbit to extract from this video is the reasoning behind the color scheme: the blue and gold matches Cooper-Climax driver and 1959 Formula 1 Driver's Championship winner Jack Brabham's trademark blue overalls and gold helmet.