Nokia’s luxurious Vertu series of mobile phones has been expanded with a new range of high-end Ascent models grouped under the Ti Carbon-Fiber collection. Continuing to lead the way with the application of innovative materials used on some of the world's most exclusive mobile phones, the latest Vertu Ascent Ti Carbon-Fiber mobile phones feature—you guessed it—lightweight carbon-fiber for their outer casing.

The collection includes the actual Ascent Ti Carbon-Fiber Limited Edition handset, as well as three different grips made from either pure carbon-fiber, carbon-fiber and aluminum, or carbon-fiber and copper.

Handcrafted in England, the carbon-fiber used for the handsets has been repeatedly tested to ensure the optimum amount of fibers and resin, which are then processed together to achieve a flawless uniform look on both the flat and curved parts of the handset.

The diagonal rib appearance of each phone is achieved using a twill carbon-fiber weave process resulting in a modern look whilst the actual carbon-fiber used has been tailor-made in the smallest 1k weave width to create a clean pattern profile. As with all Vertu's a number of other high-quality materials are used, including titanium for parts of the exterior and sapphire for the screen.

The handsets go on sale later this month with pricing available upon request.