With the tight tolerances, high-quality materials and top-level engineering that goes into today's cars, there's often a surprising amount of potential left inside their engines. It appears the Porsche GT2 is no exception, with the tuners at Wimmer Rennsporttechnik Solingen finding another 150hp (111kW) inside the already brutal car with just a few additions.

Starting with a twin-turbo version of Porsche's 3.6L boxer engine, Wimmer adds advanced engine management, a custom-built sport exhaust with high-flow cats, a redeveloped cylinder head and 'sport' camshafts. That's all it takes to get output up to 680hp (507kW) at the crank, though it does require an upgraded clutch to send that power to the rear wheels.

Wimmer says this upgrade pack is enough to push 0-100km/h times down to 3.4 seconds, get it to 200km/h in 9.78 seconds and from a stop to 186mph (300km/h) in just 25.8 seconds. Top speed: a mind-melting 221mph (356km/h). To help the car match the engine's capability, sticky and max-speed-rated Dunlop Sport-Maxx GT tires in appropriately understeer-biased 235/30 (front) and 325/20 (rear) widths are wrapped around 20in alloy wheels.

Visually, the Wimmer GT2 also gets carbon fiber exterior mirrors and rear spoiler lip, though the entire exterior of the car can be made of carbon upon request. H&R suspension upgrades help handle the extra power.

Pricing for this all-out package starts at €29,800 ($40,400), or about 20% of the car's original purchase price here in the States.