The new Mercedes Benz E-Class Coupe may be a month away from its U.S. release but the first of the stylish two-doors was delivered to a customer in Germany today. The ceremony, conducted at Mercedes' E-Class plant in Bremen, saw Siegfried Möller taking the keys of his new car, an E500 Coupe finished in palladium silver.

Plant manager Peter Schabert was, as expected, gushing about the quality of the car and expressed that he was "extremely pleased to be personally handing the key to the first owner today. The E-Class Coupe is an exciting vehicle – I am sure that its new owner will enjoy it from the very first kilometer."

The new owner was not chosen at random - he claims to have been driving Mercedes models for over 25 years and has received other cars from the Bremen plant before. While he may have some experience with the brand, this will undoubtedly be the most aerodynamic Mercedes he has ever driven, as the E-Class Coupe currently holds the title of the world's most aerodynamic production car.

American customers will have to wait until next month to take ownership of their E-Class Coupes. The car will start at a mere $48,925 for the E350 model, while the V8-powered E550 kicks off at $55,525.

Additionally, the E-Class Coupe will eventually be joined by other variants of the E-Class, including a Cabrio model and an Estate wagon, both of which are expected to appear at September's Frankfurt Motor Show.