Chrysler's recent announcement revealing its new global alliance with Italian auto giant Fiat now means that the company has to hurry to re-establish itself in the market. In order to do this, Chrysler will be unveiling a new advertising campaign to show off future models and get people interested in the company's rebirth.

The tagline for the campaign, "We're building a new car company. Come see what we're building for you," focuses on the direction that the company hopes to take, and will be used in prime time television spots to help boost Chrysler's image.

The first television ad mentions Chrysler's new alliance with Fiat, and a voiceover explains that Chrysler's "new alliance with Fiat" gives it "access to even more high quality, environmentally friendly, fuel efficient vehicles". The ad also shows the Dodge Circuit electric vehicle concept, Chrysler 200C concept and 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee as the voiceover concludes with "At Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep, the future is not only bright. It's electric. Come see what we're building for you."

The ads will appear this Monday on the NBC, ABC and Fox networks, and the ads are also expected to be rolled out in international markets eventually, although it’s likely they will be edited differently. There will also be a print advertising campaign for the new Chrysler, as well as specific ads for each brand.

The focus on electric vehicles is not a surprising one as the new Chrysler will be hoping to distance itself from the attitudes and practices associated with its former incarnation - whether or not the American public buys into Chrysler's new image is another thing.