With a hexagon-centric theme and styling that looks like it was sent back through a space-time rift from 2020, the Bertone Mantide is a new and polarizing figure in the automotive design world. Recently Jason Castriota, the car's designer, revealed that as many as 10 of the cars could be built if demand is high enough.

Three to five of the cars are already expected to be built. The Mantide is essentially a complete re-skinning - inside and out - of the Corvette ZR-1. The chassis, engine and running gear are all from the donor car, however. The ZR-1's performance is certainly impressive enough to justify supercar status, but is the exclusive re-body worth a 2000% markup?

That's right, the sticker price on the Mantide is said to be 'just shy of $2 million' according to the New York Times. That means the car will cost about 20 times, or 2000% as much as the $103,000 Corvette ZR-1 it's built on. Of course, with an all-carbon fiber body, lighter interior elements and the car's shockingly aerodynamic shape, the Mantide can probably be expected to just outperform the stock ZR-1.

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