Call it a blessing or call it blashpemy, Porsche's four-door Panamera is here to stay. And despite an odd angle here and there, it has a certain charm about it. If you're a believer, or even if you're in doubt, Porsche has launched a new Panamera Configurator that lets you see what you can do to improve on its basic design.

The example above - a well-outfitted $143,110 example of the Porsche Panamera Turbo - shows that there's a lot of flexibility in the online design tool. There are some limitations as well, however.

It will give you a photo of the car you've built updated with the trim level, exterior color, wheel option and interior choice, but smaller adjustments - such as painted intakes, diffusers or rear apron - aren't included, leaving your imagination to fill in the details.

In total, however, the tool is a handy way to explore the options the Panamera offers, all the way from the $89,800 base S model to the $93,800 4S and on to the $132,600 Turbo. Options can quickly boost those prices, however, with a full slate of options bumping the base model up to $150,000 and beyond. How much for a fully-optioned Turbo? Open up that wallet, because it will run you right up against the $200,000 mark.

A wide range of options are available inside and out, including a choice of birch, mahogany, aluminum and carbon fiber interior elements, a range of custom and premium paint colors, four sets of wheels and more audio equipment than you could shake a 300-CD case at.

To see for yourself, and build your own Panamera, check out the Panamera's model page and click the 'build your own' link for the model you want.