Chinese carmaker Changan Auto has just released some teaser shots of a futuristic-looking crossover SUV concept. The shots have been released as a prelude to this month's Shanghai Auto Show, where more details about the new e301 concept are expected to be released.

At the moment, Changan is mostly focused on its partnerships with Japanese and Western carmakers - the company currently builds certain Ford and Mazda models in a partnership with Ford, and also shares a similar arrangement with Suzuki.

But despite its history as a manufacturer of pre-designed vehicles, Changan is now looking to expand into building its own brand of cars. Currently, the company builds a seven-seater people mover known as the Changan CV8, but the company could now be looking towards expanding its own lineup with a possible crossover SUV developed in-house that would be based on the e301 concept.

While the teaser shots for the upcoming SUV concept reveal a thoroughly modern looking vehicle, the same can't really be said of Changan's current lineup of cars. Hopefully, the new concept may represent a change in direction for the company away from safe styling and market segments and into more risky ventures. Or, conversely, the new concept may just be something to draw attention to the Changan stand at the Shanghai Auto Show.