Going global with its products is the new theme at Ford, and the Focus is no exception, so American hatch fans can feel free to get excited: the new Iosis Max concept previews the next-gen car to be built right here in the U.S.

The Wayne plant in suburban Detroit and the Louisville plant in Kentucky are pegged for the honor of building the next-gen compact, which shares much in common with the styling of the current Focus, the oft-maligned Ka and Ford's other European-styled 'kinetic' designs.

Some elements are just exploring the future of small-car design, however, such as the sliding rear doors or the split tailgate that can be opened in three different ways. "The iosis MAX marks the next stage in the evolution of kinetic design, and showcases a number of affordable petrol engine technologies that will make a difference to the environment and our customers' pockets," says Martin Smith, Ford of Europe's Executive Design Director.

The production version may have some of the more aggressive elements buttoned down or tidied up, such as the massive front grille, the concept-only interior or the huge panoramic windscreen, but expect the final vehicle to look a good deal like this.

Ford's Kuga SUV, previewed by the Iosis X concept, and the European Mondeo are predecessors in the Iosis line of vehicles, and both of those cars adhered closely to their conceptual design, with some production-necessary rationalization, so the same can be expected of the Iosis Max/Focus, which is actually fairly tame for a concept.

Powerplants expected for the next-gen car will rely on turbocharging for a combination of power and efficiency, with a 1.6L EcoBoost four slated to crank out 180hp (134kW). Despite the potent output, the car is targeting 20% better efficiency than a naturally aspirated equivalent. Enhancing efficiency even further is stop-start technology.

While we wait for Ford to finish brewing up the next-gen car, however, we can whet our appetites for the current Euro-spec car, headed Stateside next year.

Ford Iosis Max Concept design video