Scant imagery and even fewer details have been released regarding Kia's newest concept car, a Mini-MPV headed to the 2009 Salon de l’Automobile in Geneva this March. It does, however, claim that the vehicle will redefine the segment.

In a press release announcing the new concept car, Kia stated that it will "redefine the mini-MPV segment bringing style and cool to what is currently a bland segment of the new car market." Those are bold claims, but they do hold some credibility - the carmaker's quirky Soul hatch has been generally well received by the press and the KOUP concept has also sparked much interest.

The new concept will feature a glass roof and is designed to provide "astounding spaciousness" despite its small size. Like Kia's several most recent concepts, including the Soul, the mini-MPV appears, from the limited photographic evidence, to be essentially production-ready.

It will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show on Tuesday, March 3.