News of Gordon Murray's decision to build a low-cost city car created quite a stir when it was announced last year. That stir was in part because of the key driving force behind the project, Gordon Murray, ex-McLaren F1 designer and the pen behind the Caparo T1, but also because the car itself is an ambitious project. Designed to be tiny, efficient and flexible, the T25 is officially on sale.

We’re not talking about whole cars just yet. The T25 is a design concept that will be sold to independent manufacturers. The design firm behind the car, Gordon Murray Design (GMD), has already been approached by 15 potential clients based in 12 different countries.

For those unfamiliar with the T25, it is basically a design for a new type and class of personal transport vehicle that offers solutions to reduce congestion and parking problems whilst addressing the issue of full lifecycle CO2 damage. Murray is planning a range of body styles for the T25, including a van, pickup truck, taxi, police car, cabrio and even an MPV.

The first production vehicles based on the T25 concept are expected in Europe by 2012. So far the T25 has been ruled out for the U.S., although there is speculation some form of the vehicle could arrive in 2014.