It was revealed back in April that Gordon Murray, the creator of the McLaren F1, had raised the funding required to launch his very own automotive design company. On that day, Gordon Murray Design Limited was born and come July 4th, the design, prototyping and development company will be officially launched with the financial backing of the Caparo Group and a US-based investment firm.

Murray is expected to reveal his plans for the company next month, but in an interview with CAR Magazine, he revealed that “the next project is a personal transport thing. The vehicle is so radical that you'd have to let people try it in everyday use.”

This means that we’re unlikely to see another 242mph supercar like the original F1, but expect his latest auto to feature high levels of performance and innovation just in a more practical package. “My passion is packaging. If you want to make something that takes a step forward or helps people with congestion and the environment, it's about packaging,” he told British reporters.

Murray’s most recent work was on the development of the lightweight Caparo T1, arguably the vehicle most similar in its single-minded quest for outright performance with minimal weight to the original McLaren F1, so he definitely still knows a thing or two about building an ultra-performance machine and this time his name will be behind it.