Despite rising concerns over the economy, the environment, and the future of personal transport, individual track-day cars are apparently riding a high-tide of popularity. One of the latest to join the throngs in pursuit of personal-best lap times is the Fuoss 01 from Germany.

Designed and developed by Dieter Fuoss, the somewhat oddball track car offers go-kart like weight and handling with slightly more full-sized accommodations. At just 661lbs (300kg) and powered by a 42hp (31kW) 400cc Suzuki engine, the car is only good for 91mph (145km/h) but it's sure to be a hair-raising experience at any speed given the low seating position, small overall dimensions and very light weight.

A five-speed sequential gearbox helps the driver extract the most from the small engine. No roof is available for the car, but the interior is rainproof, so as long as the driver is helmeted and weather-tolerant, the car is up for rainy day service.

First deliveries will begin in the first quarter of next year, though only 10 cars will be made for the whole of 2009. Despite the limited run and exclusive status, the car is only priced at €29,000 ($37,200) - a relative bargain for a track-day toy, even if it is essentially an overgrown go-kart. With fuel efficiency touching 47mpg (5.0L/100km), however, the car furthers its argument as an economical track outing vehicle.