McLaren has just launched its 650S as a replacement for its 12C, and next year the company will be launching an entry-level model code-named the P13. This will be followed by another new model code-named the P15, which will arrive in 2017 and be positioned between the 650S and P1 flagship. Looking further out, McLaren will eventually launch a successor to its P1 and move towards a lineup that consists exclusively of hybrid models and may even include an electric car.

The information was revealed by McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt during a recent interview with Edmunds. He explained that in 10 years the company is aiming to produce between 4,000 and 6,000 cars annually and that “all models will be hybrids, even if some use a basic form of hybridization."

Flewitt also explained that McLaren will continue to offer two or three regular supercar models in addition to some speciality models akin to the P1 or perhaps even an electric car—McLaren, after all, is the sole supplier of electric motors for the new Formula E Championship. One type of vehicle McLaren has no intention of building at present is an SUV, though Flewitt didn’t completely rule it out.  

"We have no technology or platform suitable for an SUV, and it's not what McLaren is about,” Flewitt said. “Never say never, but it's not in the thoughts of the management or the shareholders—we are a sports car maker."


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