The booming Chinese car market is now the 2nd largest in the world and 'First Auto Works', a major Chinese auto manufacturer, chose its hometown of Changchun to unveil its latest creation – an unmanned car. The vehicle is a Hongqi HQ3, and the driverless vehicle has been tested upto 37mph, although First Auto Works’ claims that the vehicle can hit 93mph.

The Shanghai Daily reports that the car uses two onboard cameras to monitor the road, while receiving instructions from a computer. According to the newspaper, it "has a strong ability to recognize the environment around it and tackle turnoffs [and] street crossings, as well as broken lines instantly. It's also able to adapt to changes of driving attitude and natural lighting, as well as shadows of trees and bridges."

This all sounds well and good, but it brings up the old issues that we encountered with the Mercedes’ semi-driverless systems – just how safe is it to allow a computer to control a 2-tonne vehicle, and would you feel safe in the hands of a computer that could hurtle you at 93mph at whatever it wanted? We still prefer to drive ourselves, but it seems inevitable that in the future us mere mortals will become more and more obsolete as cars evolve.

Via Edmunds