BMW Chairman Norbert Reithofer has hinted that BMW may be looking to expand its range, especially in its popular X5 model. One such expansion could be the X6, which would be a cross-country model. The picture shows a rendering of what something like that may look like, which looks as though someone has plonked the top of a Z4 onto an X5.

The coupe could be married with the 4.4L V8 from the current X5, which would mean that it would develop 355hp. That should make for interesting driving, especially if your going off road and need to be in somewhere in a hurry.

No one is sure if this is what Norbert meant when he meant an expansion, but with the spate of ‘interesting’ cars making it to production these days (Cayenne, anyone?) who’s to say that maybe Norbert doesn’t have a X6 in mind?