Though researchers have been working on technologies that allow you to see two different images depending on the angle you’re sitting at, we didn’t expect these screens to be so close to production. Alpine is showing off one such display that allows the dash mounted display to show the driver the sat-nav while the front passenger can watch something else. Pictured above is an example of the display in action, with the angled mirror showing a different image. The display works by having a series of ultra-fine grilles on the display that allow seprarate the images being displayed. Sharp was developing this technology last year, but there's no word on who supplies the display in this Alpine device.

The display will go on sale next year and cost around £1,200 ($2250).

In some countries, displaying a video in view of the driver is considered illegal. We’d love to think of the excuses you’ll have to come up with to explain this display to the puzzled cops.

[Source: Auto Express]