Back in 2006 Alpine showcased a new dashboard display system that allows viewers to watch two different images from a single screen depending on the angle they’re sitting at. This meant that the front passenger and driver would see two separate images when looking at the single display, a set-up that could potentially be used to display a satnav map for the driver and entertainment programs for passengers simultaneously.

Blaupunkt has now unveiled its own version dubbed ‘Dual View,’ which it co-developed with its parent company, automotive parts supplier Bosch. The first production models are set to appear next year in vehicles from an unnamed European carmaker and will utilize a screen measuring 8in across. The screen consists of a backlit LCD and a special mask placed over the liquid crystal layer. The images for the viewing angle from the right and the left are shown at the same time, but are specifically distributed on adjacent pixel columns. Depending on the viewing angle, the mask shows only those pixel columns that make up the right or the left picture, and in the process displays two separate images.

Most in-car entertainment systems are designed to stop any running programs when the vehicle is in motion and only display the image once the vehicle is stationary again. The new Blaupunkt system solves this problem, for the first time allowing passengers to watch uninterrupted film while the driver is free to concentrate on the road and use satellite navigation, which is legal in most countries.

A number of new high-end cars are being released in the next year, but we're willing to bet it will show up on the new BMW 7-series first. The 7-series has always pushed the technology envelope so a dual-view TV and sat-nav system wouldn't be out of place.