Earlier we posted the official images of Audi’s futuristic R8 coupe. Now we have images taken live from the actual unveiling at the 2006 Paris Auto Show. Production will start in autumn of next year at Audi’s plant in Neckarsulm, with an annual output of only a few thousand.

The quattro all-wheel-drive R8 is likely to make a significant impact on sales of the Porsche 911 and BMW M6 because of its unique look. Audi spokespeople weren’t commenting on the possibility of a V-10-powered R8. This high performance version, perhaps wearing RS badges, is sure to be released.

The only question is when? Initial rumors put the release date of the hi-po version a couple of years from now. It will carry a Lamborghini-derived V-10 displacing 5.2 liters and performance will be further enhanced with the use of exotic materials to help save weight.