Legendary automobile designer Nuccio Bertone, who completed designs for the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Alfa Romeo, has finally been inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame. A commemorative plate with his signature has been placed at the Detroit institute amongst other important auto industry legends including Henry Ford, Louis Renault and the Michelin brothers.

The famed automobile designer and builder from Torino, Italy, was regarded as one of the great protagonists of the car world. Some of his more popular works he was involved with included the Opel Astra Cabrio, Lamborghini’s Miura, Diablo and Countach plus the more recent Alfa Romeo GT. His only disappointment was that he didn’t complete more designs for Ferrari, as the prancing horse brand was always tied up with rival design house, Pininfarina.

The philosophy of the man who passed on the 26th of February 1997, which he quoted at the unveiling of the Fiat 850 in 1968, was that his role “is the production of car bodywork on which we impose the styling trends, build prototypes, develop the design, the production methods, and the tooling. Naturally, we produce them in quantity."