Update: This attempt is now scheduled for 5th November. The reason for the delay is poor weather conditions at the test track.

It’s well known that the Bugatti Veyron is the fastest production car on the planet with test cars reaching speeds beyond 400km/h. What many do not know is that the Veyron never had its top speed officially recorded by the Guinness World Records team. We previously reported that Bugatti was planning for an October challenge, and the official speed might change come tomorrow when Bugatti will attempt to break the 388km/h record set by Sweden’s Koenigsegg supercar.

Castrol, the company sponsoring the challenge is adamant that they can beat the record, telling German newspaper The Spiegel that "388 km/h is not fast enough!" Castrol is definitely the right sponsor - the company has 20 speed world records under its belt including the land speed record of 1228km/h, set by Brit Andy Green in the rocket powered Thrust SSC. The Bugatti has already past 400km/h in testing, so both companies are confident of getting into the Guinness book.