If owning the fastest production car on the planet is not enough, you can always deck it out in some outrageous paint scheme just like this one. Somehow, we think that this car won’t be getting the kind of attention that most people would like, we’re thinking along the lines of more money than taste.

This pink Veyron is in fact the creation of Japanese fashion label A Bathing Ape, or Bape for short, a company with a penchant for taking expensive and desirable autos and giving them outlandish exteriors. The Bape Veyron sticks to Bugatti’s two-tone design, with a purple and pink mix for the side panels and the hot pink for the roof and bonnet. At least it hasn’t got the full camouflaged like they did with a previous project, which saw a Rolls Royce Phantom covered in the Army brown and greens.

[Source: Ed Spivak's Daily Ramble]