On their way home from a tour of Northern Montana, the owner of a McLaren F1, one of the most desirable supercars in the world, and his wife, came across some major road-works reconditioning the normally glass-smooth Montana highways.

After spending an appropriate $1.2 million on the car itself, plus an odd $300,000 refurbishing it, which included a factory fresh $70,000 paint job, at McLaren's headquarters in Woking, England, owner David Gooding was not about to let anything happen to his pride and joy.

The previous owner, Thomas Bscher, current head of Bugatti, was known for regularly driving it at 200+mph on his daily commute to work and had left it in poor condition.



Unfortunately the only way past the construction zone was via a 150-mile detour, however, workers at the sire offered to do whatever it took to get the McLaren to the other side unscathed.

So a road grader and roller were called upon to smooth out a dirt passage for the McLaren to follow at just 5 mph. Eventually, they reached the end with only five minor scrapes (mind you costing a cool $1,000 each to fix), caked in mud and forever grateful to those Montana construction workers.

We wonder what would have happened if we turned up in a Pinto?


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