British journo Chris Harris certainly is a lucky boy. He recently got to hop in the latest supercar models from Ferrari and McLaren. Fortunately for us, he put together some video footage of his experiences with each and uploaded the clips to his YouTube channel Chris Harris on Cars.

One is the 488 GTB, the successor to the 458 Italia and the first mid-engine Ferrari with a turbocharged engine since the legendary F40. Its new engine displaces 3.9 liters and produces a phenomenal peak output of 660 horsepower and 560 pound-feet of torque. Along with the extra poke, new electronic nannies like Side Slip Control are there to help you get closer to the limit.

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The other car tested by Harris is McLaren’s 675LT. Only 500 examples of this baby are planned, and they’ve all been sold. The 675LT’s turbocharged engine displaces 3.8 liters and produces 666 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque. What’s special about the 675LT is its new ‘Long Tail’ design. The extra length of the rear has allowed engineers to install a unique airbrake that’s 50 percent larger than the one on the 650S, helping to create as much as 40 percent more downforce.

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