Fisker Coachbuild today announced the formation of a partnership with Quantum Technologies to develop a new eco-friendly plug-in hybrid sports car.

The California-based coachbuilder currently sells modified versions of BMW’s 6-Series and Mercedes’ SL-Class roadster but plans to develop a new plug-in hybrid model to rival the all-electric Tesla Roadster. Quantum Technologies is a powertrain specialist that has developed hybrid systems for General Motors Company [NYSE:GM] as well as NASA.

Though no official details have been released, the new plug-in hybrid is expected to debut at next year’s Detroit Auto Show and will be capable of being fully recharged by a household power outlet. Unlike the Tesla Roadster, which features a single electric motor, the Fisker vehicle will utilize both an electric motor as well as a secondary fossil-fuel power source to top up the batteries when they’re running low.

Production of the new model should reach close to 15,000 units per year with the price tag tipped to be upwards of $100,000. The new car will be sold alongside the current SL-based Tramonto and the new Latigo CS (pictured above).