Spy photographers have taken the first pictures of what appears to be the latest M3 CSL running around the 'Ring in street clothes. It's not yet clear if this is in fact a CSL prototype at all, or if it's anything more than an early mule, however the wider track and bootlid spoiler are obvious signs of a CSL version.

The most hard-edged version of the M3, the CSL is the lightened, small-run edition of BMW's definitive sports coupe. The last version of the CSL sported more power than the standard M3, tuned suspension geometry, and a wider track, among other tweaks. Specs for the version have not yet been released, however BMW has publicly admitted in the past that it was building an E92 CSL. Considering how long the standard M3 underwent testing we don't expect the CSL to arrive before 2009.

For those that just can't wait, the folks at G-Power will be more than happy to fit a V10 from the M5 into your donor M3, as we reported just a short while ago.

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