The new 911 GT2 is fast. How fast? When we reported that it would lap the famed Nordschleife circuit in just 7 minutes and 32 seconds many of our regular readers expressed their disbelief and doubt. The image came from a leaked brochure but we were unable to get official confirmation on this.

Well, doubt no more. Our friends over at Auto Motor & Sport Sweden recently interviewed Porsche test driver and rally god Walter Röhrl, who discusses his experience with the new supercar. He claims he has done the Nordschleife in an incredible 7:31m, even faster than the factory figure we provided. Röhrl also goes on to say the GT2 is so fast that even he’s sometimes scared of its power and that despite being RWD only (the Turbo is AWD) it’s still able to put down all of its 530hp effectively.

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