Although the camouflage makes the car pictured look like something of a cross between a hearse and a delivery van, it is in fact a Ferrari, quite possibly a new 2+2 in the granturismo form factor. Spied testing at the track in Fiorano and snapped by a photographer, the new car is breeding rumours quicker than it runs laps.

The new Ferrari is expected to see uninhibited daylight for the first time at the Paris show this October. Until then - or shortly before, what with embargos breaking like they do - we'll have to make do with the details we can scrape together. So far, that means that we can tell you the new Ferrari is about 50cm (20in) shorter than a 612 Scaglietti that was testing at the same track. Connecting the new chassis with other trends and rumours at the house of the Prancing Horse, there's a chance that the power for the new car could come from a 450hp direct-injection V8, says Quattroruote. The one thing we know for sure is that the engine is mounted up front. Oh, and it's a Ferrari. Not a hearse.

Via: Quattroruote