It's easy to compare cars, finding a curve here or a swell there that resembles the design of another.

Many have said the Ferrari [NYSE:RACE] 599 GTB and Corvette Z06 share a lot in common, for example, although it's certain that neither copied the other. It's just an example of how common design goals can lead to common design products.

Perhaps that's why Geely's new GT concept, set to debut at the 2008 Beijing Auto Show, seems to have the feel of several cars—Maserati's GranTurismo, Alfa Romeo's 8C Competizione and Aston Martin's Vantage come immediately to mind, depending on the angle.

One thing is certain, however: the grille is completely original. Combining what appear to be wing-inspired metal surrounds with a plethora of ovalized rectangular chrome-lined holes, it certainly creates a focal point for the front of the car. The eye-like headlights and lower fascia seem tame only by comparison. But otherwise, the car's design is surprisingly svelte and sexy.

Considering Geely's previous attempts at design, the GT concept is downright magnificent.

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