Mosler is sponsoring an MT900 spec racing series for its cars, including the MT900 GT3 and the newly announced MT900 Challenge car. The series will take place across some of Europe's most storied race tracks, and with over 20 teams already signed up, it's sure to be exciting, difficult racing all year long.

The MT900 Challenge car features true race-prepped equipment like a 7.0L LS7 dry-sump motor tuned for 98 octane petrol, stainless 4 into 1 headers, and full-race cooling including a front-mount radiator and side-mounted engine and oil transmission coolers. And like any true race car, it'll need that cooling to keep the 388kW (570hp) and 684Nm (540lb-ft) torque producing motor in top form. With a specified weight of 1180kg with ballast, the MT900 Challenge cars manage a weight/power ratio of 3.04kg/W (4.55lb/hp).

Shifting is handled by a six-speed sequential box with a triple-plate clutch. Carbon fiber bodywork, suitably massive brakes and a fully adjustable race suspension round out the package. Some of the components of the MT900 will be similar to the GT3 car, but lower-spec or removed completely to help keep costs down.

Twenty cars have already secured slots in the series, and more are expected. The race series kicks off at the Nurburgring April 20th, and traces an enviable path across Europe, hitting Zandvoort, Spa Francorchamps, Hockenheim, Oschersleben, Silverstone, and Assen, with several rounds repeating at Zandvoort and Assen, thanks to the Dutch Supercar Series co-sponsorship of the Mosler Challenge series.

The MT900 Challenge and GT3 cars can be had from Mosler for €150,000 and €225,000 respectively. The GT3 cars are equipped with higher-end componentry an more complete race equipment, like flat-shift gear changes, traction control, an on-board pneumatic jack system and full MoTeC engine management, for example.