Just yesterday we reported the Nissan GT-R's sold-out sales success around the globe. Today Audi revealed its R8 is also being bought more quickly than it can be made, to the tune of several months in backlogged sales.

Audi's R8 owes some of its success to a mixture of ingredients that almost guarantee excellent performance, like a mid-mounted V8 producing 420hp, a top speed of 300km/h (187mph) and a 0-100km/h time under 4.5 seconds. Its attractive styling is also part of the equation, with short overhangs and low, chunky proportions that give it a look uncommon to the class.

The company from Ingolstadt wouldn't reveal just how many R8s had been sold since its release last year, but whatever the numbers were, the factory couldn't keep up, reports Edmunds.

And it's no surprise - the R8 garnered more press attention and critical acclaim than just about any other car available in 2007 - rivaling or surpassing even the much-anticipated GT-R in its coverage, winning the award for World Performance Car of the Year and World Design of the Year 2008, beating out the WCOTY winning Mazda2.

Audi R8