Despite the harried road to production of the MG TF roadster - at times hindered by quality control, at others by legal hurdles - it seems the iconic car will be making a triumphant comeback under the leadership of the Chinese.

The existing TF, with its outdated looks, has been vastly surpassed by this new offering (a rendering completed by AutoExpress based on insider information) which will go on sale by around 2010. The TF is being produced in its original home of Longbridge in the West Midlands and there are also plans from Shanghai Auto to build a coupe version of the TF.

The new MG TF sits on the same platform as the Chinese Roewe 550 hatch but will feature rear-wheel-drive to maintain a sporty driving experience.

The TF will be driven by MG-Rover based engines, including the likes of a 1.8-liter turbo and a 2.5-liter V6. Priced in similar territory to Mazda's MX-5, the Japanese roadster is in for a rude shock considering it has had a veritable monopoly on the budget roadster market for some time now.

Shanghai Auto, in co-operation with Nanjing Auto who actually owns the MG name, are also looking to expand their British dealings with a Roewe dealer network in future years.