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Audi has confirmed production of its A4 cabrio will come to an end later this year and will be replaced early next year by the all-new A5 Cabrio. Unlike the previous A4 version, which was built by Karmann, the new A5 drop-top will be built by Audi at its Neckarsulm plant in Germany alongside the coupe.

Unlike its 3-series rival from BMW, Audi will likely employ a lightweight canvas roof for its new convertible that will save both on costs as well as storage space. Expect the new convertible to be powered by the same engines as found in the coupe, which means the latest FSI and TDI engines, with output ranging from 125 to 195kW (170 to 265hp). There’s also likely to be V8 powered S5 and RS5 performance models as well. The new Cabrio will also feature a new supercharged V6 engine that will be appearing in more of Audi's lineup over the coming year.

The base model will remain FWD but AWD variants will feature latest quattro torque vectoring systems, which distribute drive individually between each axle and between the rear wheels for improved traction and stability. Audi's new seven-speed S tronic dual-clutch gearbox should also feature in the new model.

A total of 28,000 A5 Cabrios will be produced in the first year of production and pricing is expected to start at €37,000 in Europe. Expect to see it at the Paris Motor Show in October before its sales launch early next year.

2009 Audi A5 Cabrio renderings