The Audi TT-S has only been exposed to public view for six months, but already tuners are turning their attentions to the most powerful production TT. Beneath the odd peach-colored paint job of the B&B Audi TT-S lies a more potent powerplant than the original's already stout 272hp (203kW). The extra power is available in stages, stepping up in increments of 20-30hp (15-22kW).

B&B gets the extra power from a custom-built turbocharger, high-flow catalytic converters and a tuned ECU. In addition to the extra power, the B&B TT-S also gets R8-style side markings and body accents, which, though not to everyone's taste, do reflect the enhanced capability of the tuned car. The first power boost takes the TT-S from 272hp (203kW) to 306hp (228kW), the second raises output to 324hp (242kW) and the final upgrade generates 362hp (270kW), according to

Though the power-to-weight ratio of the boosted TT-S is nearing that of the 420hp (313kW) R8 in its top configuration, buyers of the more expensive sports car will be glad to know the top speed of the tuned TT-S is only 173.6mph (280km/h), 13mph (21km/h) short of the R8's 186.6mph (301km/h) top speed. Nevertheless, the peach-colored B&B car can dash to 62mph (100km/h) in the same time as it takes the R8, just 4.6 seconds.

Audi is working on a higher-performance version of the TT-S itself, rumored to be called the TT-RS. Already caught testing in what appears to be near-production form, the TT-RS, which could also end up being named simply the TT-R, is expected to get a turbocharged inline five-cylinder engine good for 308hp (230kW).