The Woodward Dream Cruise, Detroit's annual rolling car show, has spawned a fifth special edition of the PT Dream Cruiser. The fourteenth special edition of the PT Cruiser, the PT Dream Cruiser Series 5 is a purely cosmetic tweak of the standard vehicle, with production limited to 1,750 units for the U.S.

The essential design scheme of the Dream Cruiser centers around a coat of white pearl paint topped with a black pearl roof. Chrome accents and badges along with a billet grille and 17in SRT-design alloy wheels finish off the 'factory custom' look.

Inside, the black pearl color scheme continues and is complemented with a pastel gray color fabric and more chrome accents. The steering wheel is leather-wrapped and the door sill plates bear a mark that signifies the Dream Cruiser's special status. The rest of the car's features mirror that of the standard PT Cruiser.

Over 1.3 million PT Cruisers have been sold since their debut in 2001, according to Chrysler, and even the new Dream Cruiser commands only a modest $22,700 price, almost certainly ensuring the limited-edition model will be quickly snatched up by collectors. However, with fourteen other 'special editions', four of which were the preceding Dream Cruiser series cars, and a multitude of standard cars on the streets, the PT Cruiser may be stretching the outer limits of collectibility.