There is no shortage of uber-tuned Audi RS6 variants, with MTM, Abt Sportsline, B&B Tuning, and possibly even Audi itself offering even more high-powered models. The latest entry is the Kicherer RS6, which fits in with the existing cars almost spec-for-spec, rated at 700hp (522kW) and capable of making the run to 62mph (100km/h) in just 4.3 seconds.

Bedecked with a daring two-tone paint job that blacks out the prominent Audi grille, hood and roof and enrobes the remainder of the car in white, the Kicherer RS6 is, like its counterparts, no slouch in the performance department. The 700hp rating is accompanied by a brutish 577lb-ft (780Nm) of torque, a rise of 96lb-ft (130Nm) over stock. That's enough to propel the large wagon to 124mph (200km/h) in just 13.0 seconds, and on to a limited maximum speed of 175mph (280km/h).

A sport exhaust ensures the engine can breathe freely, but also tunes the output to sound like it drives. New springs lower the car by 25mm and give it a slightly firmer ride to improve handling. A new range of aero parts, all made from carbon fiber, include the side mirror shells, a front lip spoiler and a rear diffuser. Wheels are massive 22-inch alloy units wrapped in suitably large rubber.

Pricing for the package isn't yet available, but given the fierce competition in the RS6 tuning segment, it likely won't exceed the roughly $10,000 base price of the Abt Sportsline tweaks, though that figure only includes the necessary power-enhancing ECU reflash and speed-limiter removal.