Already known for its entertaining and meticulously detailed modifications to the Fiat 500, Mini Clubman and more, Castagna has once again turned its hand toward the stylish Fiat 500 minicar with surprising results. Converting the car to a two-seat, teak-decked beach buggy was the easy part - the Castagna Tender Two is also a purely electric vehicle (EV).

Capable of 80mph (130km/h) and a range of 75-85mi (120-140km) depending on driving style and speed, the car can be charged to 80% in just four hours from a standard household outlet. The practicality of the EV solution contrasts sharply with the special-purpose design of the vehicle, however. It is certainly an attractive beach runabout, but its lack of a proper roof or doors limits its functionality greatly.

Being a pure show car, however, such analysis misses the point. Named for the small boat yacht owners use to travel in to shore, the Tender Two is Castagna's second design concept in the theme. The thesis behind the car is to allow the at-sea experience to continue on land, offering efficient and effective transport from surf to turf.

Beyond the teak decking and the wicker accents, the interior is covered in its entirety with salt-water and abrasion resistant synthetic leather. Nautical touches are found throughout the cabin, from polished steel handles to the below-deck storage for beach towels and other sundries. Even the overhead shade is reminiscent of the canvas bimini top found on so many boats.

The electric innards of the car were designed in cooperation with the Swiss firm Mes-Dea, which hopes to build a long-distance hybrid giardinetta-style Fiat 500 by the end of the year.