Consumer Reports has put together its list of the best cars in 10 of the most popular vehicle segments, and the cream of the crop has proven to be none other than the Tesla Model S. The news shouldn’t be a complete surprise, as the influential buyer guide did give the stylish electric sedan its highest-ever rating in individual testing, a score of 99/100, but the outcome is still certain to silence any remaining doubters of the Tesla’s proficiency at almost every performance metric you can throw at it.

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Just to be considered for the annual comparo, a car must already rank at or near the top of its class in Consumer Reports’ individual testing round. It must also have a decent reliability rating, based on the number of problems experienced by the magazine’s own subscribers. And finally it also has to score high in independent crash testing like that conducted by government and insurance agencies.

So what made the Tesla Model S so likeable? Apparently a combination of invigorating performance, luxury accommodations, and all-electric driving range. The testers also liked the high level of innovation in the car, such as its easy-to-use 17-inch touchscreen display, keyless operation, full Internet access and quiet driving experience.

This is the first time that an American car has achieved Consumer Reports’ top gong, with Japanese vehicles typically ranking the highest. Unfortunately, the domestics didn’t too well in the comparo, with only one additional American model making the final cut, the Ram 1500 in the pickup category.

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Listed below are all ten categories in Consumer Reports’ Top Picks 2014 comparo:

Best Overall: Tesla Model S
Small SUV: Subaru Forester
Midsized Sedan: Honda Accord
Compact Car: Subaru Impreza
Midsized SUV: Hyundai Santa Fe
Green Car: Toyota Prius
Pickup Truck: Ram 1500
Luxury Car: Audi A6
Sports Sedan: BMW 328i
Minivan: Honda Odyssey


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