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Once pushed an Opel Manta 50 miles using a '63 Impala wagon with tires tied to the front bumper


Guilty Pleasure: Saab Sonett III

Guilty Pleasure: Saab Sonett III

I know, I was supposed to go back to Ford products after my detours for the Pontiac Sunbird 2000 Turbo and the Alfa Romeo 164, but this week I've been obsessing over Saab's sporty fiberglass machine of the early 1970s. You'd think that finding a Sonett would be hard. Not so! Just about every Sonett...

December 7, 2011
Ford Tempo Diesel

Guilty Pleasure: Ford Tempo Diesel

Would you believe that we've been doing this series for more than half a year, yet no Fords have been chosen as the weekly Guilty Pleasure? Sure, we've had a couple of... read more November 9, 2011

Peugeot 604

Guilty Pleasure: Peugeot 604

We've talked about the Renault-derived shouldn't-oughta-want-it Eagle Premier and Chrysler LH in recent episodes of this series, but our last full-blooded French Guilty... read more November 2, 2011

Hyundai Scoupe

Guilty Pleasure: Hyundai Scoupe

While the first-gen Excel may be one of the rarest 1980s cars in North America nowadays, we can jump into the next decade and find another Hyundai that's nearly as hard to... read more October 26, 2011

Oldsmobile Trofeo

Guilty Pleasure: Oldsmobile Toronado Trofeo

I've been struggling through an unhealthy obsession with the Mitsubishi Cordia lately, which has cut down on my time for searches for other... read more October 19, 2011

Mitsubishi Cordia

Guilty Pleasure: Mitsubishi Cordia

With Mitsubishi's combination of dodgy reliability and puzzling styling, you know the Three Diamonds' back catalog should be good for some seriously guilty automotive... read more October 12, 2011

Chrysler LHS

Guilty Pleasure: First-Gen Chrysler LH Platform

After feeling the urge to find myself a clean Eagle Premier last week, I got to thinking about the Chrysler products that the Premier spawned after Chrysler absorbed all that... read more October 5, 2011


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