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  • Audi Lunar Quattro developed for Google Lunar X Prize

    There’s a high-stakes X Prize competition running, and this one’s to the moon—literally. We’re taking, of course, about the Google Lunar X Prize, which has been running since 2007 and pits teams against each other in a race to launch, land, and operate a rover on the moon’s surface and send back footage. Audi has now announced that it has joined the Google Lunar X Prize, teaming up with German team Part-Time Scientists in the moon mission. The team has selected the old landing site of the last manned mission to the moon, Apollo 17, as the target, and thanks to...

  • Edison2 Very Light Car, Progressive Automotive X-Prize winner.
    $10 Million Automotive X Prize Winners Announced

    Both electric and combustion-powered vehicles took home cash from the Progressive Automotive X Prize competition, though early favorite Aptera wasn't among the victors. All winners had to achieve more than 100 mpge (miles-per-gallon equivalent, as defined by the competition) to win in addition to...

  • Automotive X Prize on the way
    Automotive X Prize On The Way

    The foundation that was made famous for giving away $10 million to build a reusable spacecraft has now turned its attention to the automotive space. The X Prize foundation wants to motivate groups to build a “mass-marketable” 250 mpg vehicle and be eligible for a prize pool of up to $25...

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