• 2015 Volkswagen GTI (Euro spec)  -  Preview Drive, April 2013

    We're hustling along in the all-new Mk7 Volkswagen GTI, on a tightly curved back road in mountainous Southern France. Just as traffic opens up and I can see a fair distance ahead, I raise our speed into the next bend. But it turns out to be a flat, decreasing-radius corner. I pull my line tighter than intended; and instead of understeering—or exploring the limits of stability control—we slingshot through the corner, with a sense that, for a moment, we'd warped the rules of how front-wheel drive cars behave near the limit. What happened in that moment is that, right when it...

  • Ford Focus ST versus VW GTI with Ken Block and Vaughn Gittin, Jr.
    Focus ST Versus VW GTI: Ken Block & Vaughn Gittin, Jr. Race

    In the latest example of Ford's at times wildly irresponsible corporate propaganda for the Focus ST, this video shows Ken Block and Vaughn Gittin, Jr. ripping it up in a "race" through (hopefully) an abandoned neighborhood. Since Block's Fiesta WRC/Rallycross car is about as relevant to the...

  • 2011 Volkswagen GTI
    VW Puts All Six GTI Generations On The Race Track: Video

    Rarely have three simple letters meant as much to gearheads as those the spell "GTI". Their first significant appearance was on the Mk1 Golf GTI, known as the Rabbit in the States, in 1976. Since then, Volkswagen has applied the badge to hot variants of every Golf generation since, right up to...

  • Skoda Octavia vRS Bonneville record car
    Heard The One About The... 200mph, 600bhp Bonneville Skoda?

    Whilst Skodas have never been sold in the United States, gearheads probably know a little about the Czech Republic-based subsiduary of the Volkswagen Audi Group and some of the great cars the company has produced since becoming part of the VAG empire. As such, the brand has shaken off the...

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