• 2010 ford escape 011

    Beating Toyota and Honda at their own game is no easy thing, but Ford's done it with the Escape, taking top rankings in safety and fuel efficiency against the RAV-4 and CR-V. For 2010, Ford's taking steps to help expand that lead by adding five new safety features to the Escape. Keeping teens from running rampant in borrowed family vehicles is handled by Ford's controversial new MyKey technology, which allows parents to set limits on how the car can be driven. Parking becomes a breeze for teens and adults alike with the Active Park Assist, which finds a parking spot, steers into it and parks...

  • Toyota's iQ
    First six cars tested under new Euro NCAP system, Toyota iQ rates 5 stars

    Starting this year, all new cars assessed under the Euro NCAP scheme will have to be fitted with some form of electronic stability control (ESC) in order to gain a rating of five stars. This puts the Euro NCAP scheme at the forefront of crash testing, though some other regions are also making...

  • Nissan begins pilot program for slip-hazard alert service
    Nissan trialling new camera-assisted telematics slip alert system

    Building a vehicle that can react to the most minute changes in grip and stability, compensate for them and alert the driver of the situation has become almost the standard of the industry. Carmakers are now looking for ways to push beyond the simple traction control/stability control paradigm and...

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