• SignalGuru

    Stopping is inefficient. When a vehicle comes to a complete stop, it wastes energy, frittering away gas while idling, and consuming even more to get moving again. This is in part why we're seeing stop-start technology become commonplace in today's greener vehicles. But what if drivers didn't have to stop at all? What if there were an app that could keep cars chugging along, leveraging the power of their momentum to save gas -- and by extension, money and CO2 emissions? We may not have to wonder much longer, because researchers at MIT and Princeton are building such an app right now. The...

  • Traffic
    Future Urban Mobility Relies On Real-Time Data Access

    The requirements for travel within the urban environment comes under greater pressure with every passing year. We're already past the point at which more than 50 percent of the world's population live in cities rather than rurally, and it's only set to increase. The Future Urban Mobility (FM)...

  • intelligent transportation system
    MIT Smart Cars Predict Collisions

    We've seen cars with lane departure warnings and collision detection, but MIT is pushing the envelope with tech that can predict human driving patterns. The computerized intelligent transportation system (ITS) uses an algorithm created from modeled human driving to predict where human drivers are...

  • MIT and Audi's AIDA robot driving assistant
    Audi And MIT Partner For AIDA, A Friendly In-Car Robot

    The robot is the next generation of human-machine interface devices.

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