• Mcchip 2010 Audi TT-RS

    German tuning firm Mcchip specializes in optimizing the vehicle management systems and electronic control units of cars to eke as much performance out of them as possible, and its latest product focuses on giving the new Audi TT-RS a significant boost in the performance department - not that the standard TT-RS was lacking in power to begin with. From the factory, the standard 2.5L turbocharged Audi TT-RS has 340hp being cranked out by the five-cylinder engine, and a fairly impressive 325lb-ft of torque. With a rather cheap adjustment from Mcchip, however, horsepower can be increased up to...

  • audi tts by mcchip 001
    mcchip Audi TTS bumps power to 315hp

    No matter how far the carmakers take the horsepower wars - or how much they back down from them - the aftermarket is always prepared to go farther. Too much is never enough for a determined tuner, and the latest example is mcchip's Audi TTS. Rolling off the factory floor with 272hp (203kW) from its...

  • mcchip x6 white shark 003
    BMW X6 White Shark upgrade package by MCCHIP

    BMW's X6 has seemed to many observers - fans and foes alike - to be something of a car without a home. Not quite a sedan, and not quite an SUV, the X6 blends genres in a way that defies description. Now that MCCHIP has had its way with it, however, the X6, at least in 'White Shark' guise, is much...

  • mcchip volkswagen scirocco 001
    MCCHIP modified Volkswagen Scirocco

    The Volkswagen Scirocco may not be coming to the U.S. due to unfavorable exchange rates, but that doesn't make it any less interesting as a car. That's doubly true once it's seen the improving touch of a tuner, and the MCCHIP modifications add tastefully to the Scirocco, leaving its basic essence...

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