• Urbee Hybrid

    It may not be fast and it may not even be pretty, but the Urbee car is important for other reasons. The potential for 166 mpg is clearly a number to raise eyebrows. Using a combination of electric motors and a small, single cylinder, 8 horsepower engine running on ethanol, high economy was never going to be a problem. The aerodynamic, low profile shape and narrow wheels see to that. At between 60 and 70 mph flat out it certainly isn't quick but an electric motor and batteries that take their energy from solar panels mean that it's quite green. The most unique aspect of the Urbee though is the...

  • 2010 Ford Mustang Nascar Nationwide Series Car Revealed
    NASCAR Signs American Ethanol, Goes E15 For 2011

    Motorsports and ecology aren't exactly hand-in-hand concepts. Getting the most speed out of a car usually involves pumping a lot of fuel through it--just to end up back where it started. To improve the green image of racing, many series are taking steps to use greener fuels--and now NASCAR is among...

  • bentley supersports geneva live 001
    U.S. Bentley Continental Supersports Won't Do Ethanol--At First

    The 2010 Bentley Continental Supersports won't be able to burn ethanol in initial U.S. shipments.

  • Ford direct-injection
    Ethanol-injected Ford Bobcat V8 detailed in DOE documents

    Ford’s new EcoBoost range of engines is about to go on sale, debuting in the new Lincoln MKS before filtering across to most of the automaker’s lineup. EcoBoost promises to deliver more power but better fuel economy. For example, a 3.5L EcoBoost V6 is estimated to produce up to 340hp...

  • E85 fueling station
    Study finds burning crops for electricity more efficient than converting to biofuel

    Hybrid and electric cars are often criticized for the fact that they still use electricity generated by fossil fuels, and often environmental groups will advocate the use of biomass-powered cars, such as ethanol vehicles, as opposed to the electrics. Now, however, a study run by Stanford biology...

  • 2010 Bentley Continental Supersports production model
    Spy shots: Bentley Continental Supersports in production trim

    Bentley's flex-fuel Continental Supersports recently broke ground as the first ethanol-burner from the brand, and this week the car took a step closer to arriving in showrooms as the first production models have started undergoing real-world testing. Having debuted in concept form at March’s...

  • E85 fueling station

    As the U.S. struggles to bootstrap itself out of one of the worst economies in decades, the federal government continues its spending spree, earmarking $787 million to biofuels. The goal is ostensibly to meet a target set by former President George Bush of 36 billion gallons of biofuel in the national gasoline supply by 2022. The money will go to industry companies to provide 'relief' from the current market contraction. That may not be enough, however, with industry chiefs also seeking government-backed loans. President Obama pitched the deal with his typically positive message. "We must...

  • 2010 Bentley Continental Supersports
    Bentley’s fastest and most powerful production car ever priced from $273,295

    Bentley's flex-fuel Continental Supersports recently broke ground as the first ethanol-burner from the brand, and with this week's announcement of the price of the car, its cash-burning abilities are known too. Taking its slot as the most powerful and fastest Bentley ever, the Supersports is also...

  • Heico Sportiv Volvo XC60
    Heico Sportiv upgrades full Volvo XC60 lineup

    Specialist Volvo tuner Heico Sportiv has just come out with what it’s claiming is the world's first complete upgrade program for the Volvo XC60. The program alters both the internal and external features of the car, with various engine upgrades for the different trim levels of the XC60. When...

  • lexmaul vectra ffv 003
    Lexmaul pumps up the Vectra, adds flex-fuel capability

    Ethanol is a hot topic among biofuels advocates - and opponents - and green-car fiends alike, but it has a long tradition as a performance fuel as well. Lexmaul taps into that tradition with their latest Vectra, converting the car to E85 flex-fuel capability for extra performance. The CO2 savings...

  • E85 station in Los Angeles
    Saudi muslim scholar calls ethanol fuel use a sin

    In the Koran the Prophet Mohammed set out clear rules for Muslim interaction with alcohol, forbidding the use, purchase, sale, service, transportation or even manufacture of the substance. And that's the basis a Saudi Muslim scholar is using to call ethanol use by Muslims a sin. Setting aside the...

  • lotus omnivore engine 002
    Lotus Engineering shows off Omnivore concept engine

    Imagine being able to pull up to a fuel station and take your choice of the cheapest or highest-performing fuel, without limitation by your engine. Lotus Engineering is working to deliver an engine that can efficiently use both alcohol and gasoline fuels to help promote sustainable transport...

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