• Toyota Aurion TRD - 323hp through the front wheels

    Toyota will be launching a new version of the Aurion sedan sold in Australia that will become the one of the most powerful FWD production cars on sale. The supercharged V6 Aurion sedan will also be the first official vehicle from Toyota branded under the TRD label. The new car comes in two different flavors, a more basic 3500S and the better equipped 'sports luxury' 3500SL flagship. Both models send up to 323hp (241kW) and 400Nm (295lb-ft.) of torque through the front wheels. The Aurion, which is basically a Camry with new front and rear styling (it’s even sold in some markets as a...

  • Supercharged Aurion, Toyota’s first official TRD model
    Supercharged Aurion, Toyota’s First Official TRD Model

    Toyota Racing Development has been prepping Toyota’s race cars as well as its street cars for years. Designing and building TRD branded go-fast bits for cars such as the Supra or Celica. However, Toyota has never officially released a vehicle branded under the TRD label. This is set to change...

  • Aurion Sports Concept Car revealed
    Aurion Sports Concept Car Revealed

    Toyota Australia has unveiled a new sports car at the Australian International Motor Show, based on its recently revealed Aurion sedan. Toyota officials are promoting the car as purely an exterior styling exercise, but were confident a production version will be released mid-way though next year...

  • Toyota Oz releases its <del>Camry</del> Aurion sedan
    Toyota Oz Releases Its Aurion Sedan

    Toyota has released a new large car on the Australian market in the form of the V-6-only Aurion sedan. The Aurion shares its body with the popular Camry sedan and is even sold as a Camry in other markets, but Toyota is already using another version of the Camry as a medium car in Australia. The car...

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