• Ferrari isn't done with V-12 engines
  • The automaker said it'll continue development until the 12-cylinder is illegal
  • Only two Ferraris are currently sold with a V-12 engine

The V-12 is a rare breed these days, but Ferrari currently sells two models with just such an engine and the automaker has no plans to abandon it anytime soon.

In an interview with Car Expert published on Tuesday, Emanuele Carando, Ferrari's global marketing director, said the company plans to keep the V-12 in its lineup until the law no longer allows it.

However, as the rules on carbon emissions continue to tighten, getting a big engine like a V-12 to be compliant will become much more of a challenge. Carando said he hopes the law will “continue to show opportunities,” like enabling new vehicles designed to run on carbon-neutral e-fuels.

Electrification technology can also play a part. Ferrari already added a hybrid system to the V-12 engine in the LaFerrari hypercar launched a decade ago, though the automaker skipped the technology for its current V-12 models, the Purosangue SUV and 12Cilindri grand tourer.

Ferrari 12 Cilindri

Ferrari 12 Cilindri

In his interview with Car Expert, Carando said hybrid technology was considered for the 12Cilindri but ultimately ruled out since the technology adds too much weight to the car without adding much more performance. The automaker also wanted to keep the V-12 as pure as possible.

Eventually, Ferrari may have to electrify its V-12 models to meet emissions targets, though knowing Ferrari the technology will almost certainly improve performance on the track alongside curbing emissions.