Genesis announced plans for a six-vehicle lineup that would include a coupe when it was first established as a standalone brand back in 2015.

Since then Genesis has focused on expanding its lineup with higher volume models like SUVs, though soon it may finally see the arrival of a niche offering like a coupe or convertible, or possibly both.

In an interview with Automotive News (subscription required) published last week, Peter Lanzavecchia, the head of the Genesis National Dealer Advisory Council and owner of a New Jersey Genesis dealership, said Genesis Chief Creative Officer Luc Donckerwolke confirmed plans for a production version of the X Convertible concept during an annual dealer meeting held around the same time as the concept's reveal last fall.

"When he said that at the dealer meeting—to say it in front of a couple of hundred Genesis dealers—that's a pretty good sign," Lanzavecchia said.

Lanzavecchia also told Automotive News that a coupe was high on dealer wish lists, suggesting that any production version of the X Convertible would likely have a coupe counterpart.

The X Convertible was part of a trio of X-badged concepts from Genesis. The others include the original X coupe concept from 2021 and the evolved X Speedium coupe concept from 2022. While all three are EVs, the X Speedium and X Convertible feature a common design up front that's expected to make it onto future production EVs from Genesis. The common design features a sealed front end with light bars that form the shape of the crest grille that features on Genesis' current gas-powered lineup.

Donckerwolke said at the reveal of the X Convertible that all three X concepts were developed to refine the design formula for Genesis' future EVs and see if a business case could also be made for a low-volume flagship GT.