Anyone looking to take their Toyota Tundra pickup truck off-road can get some extra protection from a new dealer-installed lift kit.

Developed by the brand's TRD performance division, the lift kit is priced at $3,995 (plus installation costs) and is designed for Toyota's latest Tundra, which means 2022 models and newer. It isn't compatible with the TRD Pro and TRD Sport grades, or any Tundra fitted with either the air suspension or the air suspension and adaptive dampers, known as the Adaptive Variable Suspension.

The kit adds three inches of lift at the front and two inches at the rear. This results in ground clearance rising by about 2.6 inches, the approach angle rising from 21 to 26 degrees, and the departure angle rising from 24 to 25 degrees.

Toyota Tundra equipped with TRD 3-inch lift kit

Toyota Tundra equipped with TRD 3-inch lift kit

Key components include Bilstein monutube dampers, TRD coil springs (in red), Roush forged upper control arms, front extended driveshafts, and rear spring spacers. Toyota said the dampers feature digressive pistons that help deliver a balance between body control at low speeds and stability at high speeds.

Since the kit was developed in-house, it won't affect any of the Tundra's electronic driver-assist features. The kit also comes with the same warranty as all TRD parts.

A similar kit was launched for the smaller Tacoma pickup truck a year ago.