A year on from announcing that Jaguar will be transformed into an ultra-luxury brand exclusively selling electric vehicles by 2025, Thierry Bollore, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, has finally provided an update on the bold plans.

In an earnings call held on Monday, Bollore said Jaguar will develop in-house a new platform for its future EVs. Bollore has previously hinted at Jaguar borrowing a platform from another automaker, but said in the call that none of the available options met Jaguar's needs when it came to proportions and capabilities.

“Concerning the new Jaguar, we're making unique proportion a priority,” he said. “That’s the reason why at the moment we do it by ourselves.”

During the call, Adrian Mardell, chief financial officer of Jaguar Land Rover, referred to the platform as the Panthera.

Land Rover will have two platforms of its own, both of them designed to support hybrid and battery-electric vehicles. The first of these, the MLA, made its debut in the 2022 Range Rover.

Under Jaguar's transformation plan, known as Reimagine, the brand will phase out all current model lines and replace them with new models lines competing with vehicles wearing Aston Martin and Bentley badges. Jaguar's future lineup will also likely be smaller than its current one.

Jaguar Land Rover managed to deliver 80,126 vehicles in the fourth quarter of 2021, of which just 14,407 were Jaguars—the lowest volume for Jaguar since 2013. The combined figure was down 37.6 percent on the previous quarter, with the automaker blaming the chip shortage but also stating that conditions were improving.